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Tips for reporting

1、Informants should abide by laws and regulations, seek truth from facts and do not fabricate facts.

2、We keep the informant's information strictly confidential and safeguard the informant's rights and interests.

3、We encourage real name reporting in order to conduct more effective investigation and information feedback. We will give priority to real name reporting.

Six prohibitions of Qingdao xinguangzheng group

In order to strengthen the clean government construction of the group's management personnel, create the positive energy of the group company and form a good atmosphere of the group company, the group company now issues six prohibitions:

1、Managers at all levels should enhance their awareness of clean government. It is strictly prohibited for the group's internal superiors to accept gifts, gifts, banquets, etc. from their subordinates. It is strictly prohibited for all the group's personnel to accept gifts, gifts, banquets, etc. from external personnel. Any gifts, gifts and other items received should be uniformly reported to the administrative personnel department and handled by the supervision office.

2、Managers at all levels shall perform their duties honestly. It is strictly prohibited for managers at all levels to abuse their power for personal gain by taking advantage of their positions. It is not allowed to make their relatives and friends participate in the company's projects through improper means such as greeting and approval notes. Managers shall directly avoid the company's projects with the participation of relatives and friends.

3、Managers at all levels shall be kind to employees and constantly stimulate their potential. Managers at all levels are strictly prohibited from hurting employees' self-esteem and making aggressive words and behaviors.

4、Managers at all levels should have the courage to take responsibility and establish leadership authority. Managers at all levels are strictly prohibited from shirking responsibility and arguing with each other.

5、Managers at all levels should spread positive energy, and managers at all levels are strictly prohibited from spreading negative remarks that are not conducive to the society and the enterprise.

6、Managers at all levels should set an example. Managers who require employees to do so must do it first. Managers at all levels are strictly prohibited from having a sense of privilege.

All departments and branches of the group shall strictly enforce work discipline, strengthen management and abide by the six prohibitions. The group company encourages employees to report violations of the ban by management personnel. Once verified, they will be dismissed or dismissed according to the severity of the situation.

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