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No.1 Steel Structure Factory, founded in 2008, is located at No.85 Qingdao Beer Street, Pingdu. Its total area is 30,000 m2; plant area 20,000 m2; annual total output 20,000 tons. There are over 120 employees totally. We produce H section steel, thicker steel, cross column, box girder, round tube, square tube (intersecting type), staircase, safeguard, secondary steel members, irregular slab cut by torch, tie rod, stay and painting. A section steel production line which is capable for the fabrication of structure type over 60 m span is also inside No.1 factory. Matching equipments: 80 drilling machine; 16*2500 steel plate shearer; sawing machine; 4 NC cutting machine; CO2 protective welder, etc. We can manufacture all types of staircase, safeguard, and ladder; process all types of slabs (including irregular slabs). 2 shot blasting machine and 5 sets spray painting machine are purchased for the completion of 1500*2500 size members. The painting workers have more than 10-year working experience, so the painting process can be completed far more efficient.


No.2 Steel Structure Factory, 250 m to the north of Hizho Industrial on Qingdao Beer Street, Pingdu, was founded in 2004. It has over 40 employees, annual output 70 million yuan. Products and matching products: Z/C section steel, cement composite board, U type connector, iron eaves gutter, color-coated sheet, turbine vent, daylighting panels, weather-proof sealant, end driller, etc. No.2 factory has complete supply system. Its suppliers are domestic famous brand (e.g., Baosteel, Wiskind) which has supply system Certificates. No.2 factory has complete QC system (ISO9001), percent of pass 100%; Advanced processing plants for Z/C purlin processing, the plants are with varieties of functions, high precision, and the stages of cutting, profiling, stamping are done at a time, keep the Zn-coat of products from scratch due to transmission; Whole-series domestic corrugated profiling machine, capable for the production of 11 different types, one of the best enclosure production plants of China. Among all the types, 470 single-sheet is the 1st one that can realize hole-free installation domestically, which protects the roof from rain entirely. No.2 factory has the only edge-roller for color-coated sheets of the district, the machine is capable for edge-rolling for sheets of 10-1200 mm width, is quite advanced locally. It has also the most advanced production line for light wallboard, daily output over 1000m2. The goods produced by No.2 factory are well qualified. They are regarded as an example of domestic building materials that is green and energy-saving.


No.3 Steel Structure Factory, located at Baisha river town, Pingdu, Qingdao, was founded in June, 2015. Its covers an area of 32,600 m2, and is the largest steel structure production base of Xinguangzheng. No.3 factory has 2 advanced H section steel production lines, annual output 12,000 tons, and can take over steel structure projects like bridges, villa, high-rise stairs, freeway, etc. The products have reached EU standard; percentage of pass 100%, and No.3 factory has thus obtained its clients’ trust. Matching advanced equipments for H section steel: Portal frame NC cutting torch, H section steel built-up machine, automated portal frame arc-submerging welder. The equipments have good performance, are capable for mass production with stable product quality. No.3 factory has professional technicians, including 9 senior engineers and 40 intermediate engineers. A section steel team for complicated shapes, bridges or high-tech projects was set and it has many impressive performances. Its annual output reaches 5000 tons.


No.5 Steel Structure Factory was founded in November, 2005; it covers an area of 3600m2 and has 21 employees, supply mainly matching products for forklifts of Nissan Company, irregular elaborate parts, iron products to be exported to Israel, matching products for ships to be exported to Korea. No.5 factory serve clients with qualified goods and has obtained trust of clients; it has not received any complaint from clients for 11 years. The qualified rate of all products reaches 100%.


Guangzheng Industrial & Business plant (hereinafter referred to as “I & B plant”) was founded in 1997, covering an area of 11,203 m2. It has an EPS production line: 2 EPS foaming machines, an automated forming machine, 4 cutting machines and 10 packing machines. It also has 2 production line for latex paint (of external wall), 2 stone-like coating production line, 1 reaction still; Al-alloy machines, plastic steel processing machines, automated mortar mixing machines, putty powder machines, mortar mixing machines of normal type. I & B plant is the largest local EPS factory and can offer best types of insulation enclosure as well as best quality. Its daily latex paint output for external wall has reached 20 tons. I & B plant has its own laboratory, as to control the product quality, and can take over an export amount of 1350 tons. Moreover, the plant also has advanced semi-automated processing equipments which can produce bridge-cut Al-alloy windows for famous marks like Nanshan and Roto Frank. Product quality are controlled by fully automated equipments; Use Wacker powder as additive. The product quality reaches inspection standard.


Qingdao Xinguangzheng Air-Conditioning Equipment Technology Co., Ltd, a branch of Xinguangzheng group, was founded on 15th, April, 2017, who keeps on managing and developing “Tonghe Air-Conditioning” mark. Its predecessor, which is known as Tonghe Air-Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd and was founded in 1980, was once a famous enterprise that has gained good reputation home and abroad for over 30 years. Our main products contain central air-conditioning and new energy products. We have set our own testing center (state level) for electrical cooling machine units; all our products are tested by Hefei Research Institute and are up to or higher than the demands of national codes. We have also obtained Certificates like Production Certificate (state level) of Industrial Products and ISO9001:2000 Certificate. Our company also has cooperative relationship with QUT for high- and new tech researches. We supply household central air-conditioning, rooftop air-conditioning, air-cooled/heated unit, modular water-cooled chiller, screw water-cooled chiller, combined air-conditioning unit, new fan set, fan coil unit, air curtain, consecutive wind curtain, fire-proof ventilation and relevant matching equipments; We have dozens of series and over 200 kinds.


Since its establishment, the company has been deeply engaged in the field of iron art, taking the world as the target market entry point and high-end iron art products as the breakthrough point for future development. Relying on the advantages of a complete system of high-precision technology, design and production, the company specializes in the research and development, professional production and international sales of iron art products, Provide customers in downstream related fields with high-quality corresponding products and high-end supporting services. The company has formed a high-tech, diversified and export-oriented international enterprise integrating R & D, design, production and service. Its main products include furniture iron art, park iron art, steel structure supporting iron art products and other fields.