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"Steel structure +" helps to expand territory -- on Qingdao xinguangzheng Steel Structure Co., Ltd. in the transformation of old and new kinetic energy


With the acceleration of the transformation of old and new kinetic energy in Shandong Province, many private enterprises in Qingdao are also undergoing transformation and upgrading. Recently, the office of Qingdao leading group for private economic development and Qingdao Administration for Industry and Commerce held the activity of "private enterprises helping to transform the old and new kinetic energy", walked into Qingdao xinguangzheng Steel Structure Co., Ltd. to deeply understand the experience and practices of the enterprise in the transformation of the old and new kinetic energy.

"Going out" to digest excess capacity

Qingdao xinguangzheng Steel Structure Co., Ltd. was established in 1997. After more than 20 years of development, it has become the first new third board listed company of steel structure in Qingdao.

Xinguangzheng's growth is not smooth sailing. In 2008, the enterprise entered the bottleneck period of development. One belt, one road, one belt, one road, has been launched in the world to cooperate with the relevant enterprises. The products have been exported to more than 80 countries, including Canada, Australia, Germany and France. The proportion of international business has increased from 70% to 10 years ago.

It is understood that Xinguang is actively establishing good cooperative relations with foreign businessmen, and the service and product quality are widely praised. Among them, the company's projects in Venezuela have achieved the first good result in the export of domestic single projects of private enterprises; The Audi exhibition hall project in Uruguay has become the model of Audi's global exhibition hall and has been copied and promoted all over the world; Aruba stadium project has become a local landmark; Ethiopian garment industrial park project helps customers complete the one-stop design of warehousing, logistics, production, staff office, accommodation and dining, health and entertainment; The Papua New Guinea cheese project has built a breeding and deep processing system, which has been promoted globally; The Philippine broiler house project has made the average survival rate of broilers reach 98.9%, setting the highest breeding record in the local market over the years... "Made in China" has been highly praised by customers.

"Steel structure +" speed up kinetic energy conversion

Under the guidance of the international market, the company has established a new industrial model of "steel structure +" and carried out the system design of steel structure + livestock breeding equipment integration, steel structure + central air conditioning integration, steel structure + intelligent manufacturing, electrical automation, steel structure + international general contracting construction integration.

In terms of animal husbandry and breeding equipment and plants, the company has a professional technical R & D team and uses electrical automatic control system to collect various data. According to sun jiongguang, chairman of the company, the animal husbandry and breeding equipment developed by the company meets the requirement that one person can raise up to 50000 to 100000 chickens at the same time.

In terms of industrial central air conditioning, the company has independently developed intelligent control and remote monitoring system to make the performance of central air conditioning more stable. The company's original capillary heating, seawater source heat pump and other environmental protection technologies enable it to customize the scheme according to the actual needs of customers.

In the field of industrial doors, after more than 10 years of exploration, the company has independently developed the technology of automatic repair of industrial doors, so that when the products are collided by external forces, they can repair themselves instantly, leading the same industry for more than 10 years. The aircraft hangar door, the core component of the aircraft hangar developed by the company, can be 350 meters wide and 26 meters high to withstand the force 14 gale and play an absolute role in protecting the aircraft.

Enhance the ability to cooperate with central enterprises and state-owned enterprises

While "going out", Xinguang is not giving up the domestic market, but improving its ability to cooperate with central enterprises, state-owned enterprises and listed companies.

The company has participated in the construction of large-scale well-known domestic projects such as Haier, Hisense, Sinopec, Tsingtao beer, Qingdao World Expo Park, Qingdao airport, Olympic Sailing Center, thunder heavy industry, marine nuclear power and so on.

The new model stimulates new momentum. Qingdao Xinguang is insisting on building a "made in China" brand, promoting the better combination of export and domestic sales, driving domestic sales with export, adhering to product quality standards and continuous innovation, which has contributed to the development of private economy in Qingdao. In recent years, prefabricated buildings have become more and more popular with the advantages of environmental protection and convenience. The company entered the list of the first batch of prefabricated construction industrial bases in Qingdao in 2018. Taking this as an opportunity, Xinguang will continue to innovate in the field of prefabricated architecture, bring the old with the new and expand the territory.

Huang Qiumei, Zhou Shaohua